The Haunted Halloween Store first opened its doors in September of 2005 headed by the owner Susan Matthews. Before opening up her own store Susan managed at a Halloween store where she learned a lot about the customers and what it takes to run a functional store. With her gained knowledge in the Halloween business Susan decided to get the family together and open up a Halloween store in Covina California. Our first year was a huge success and also a learning curve for all the family members involved. We very quickly realized that the following year the Halloween store would need to have a larger location and/or we would need to order more inventory to satisfy the large demand from customers. Every year since, we have found one large location if not two locations for the store to house our wide variety of Halloween items.
The Haunted Halloween Store is a family owned business. What you will find at the Haunted Halloween Store that you will not find anywhere else is genuine people who really care about the Halloween season and are committed to helping you find what you are looking for. Furthermore, you will only find unsurpassed quality in the scenes and decorations at the Haunted Halloween Store. With that being said please click on the STORE LOCATION banner at the top of the page to find our 2016 location(s). We hope to see you soon! 
In Memory of Gary Matthews Sr.


In April of 2012 we, the Haunted Halloween Store family, lost a very precious family member. Gary Matthews Sr. was not only a beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather. He was the Haunted Halloween Store's scariest animated prop! Gary would often suit up in his one of a kind werewolf costume and set himself up in one of the many scenes throughout the store.


His goal was very simple: "Scare the dickens out of them!"


"Them", of course referring to the wide variety of customers that would come visit the store. It did not matter how tough you thought you were--if you came across Gary in costume you were sure to scream like a girl! When we heard the blood-curdling screams of frightened customers we knew that Gary had struck again! And if you were behind the mask of dear old Gary you would hear laughter after every successful scare! 


Gary is still with us and the store through spirit and I can guarantee you that for every scream that echoes through the Haunted Halloween Store he will be laughing from above! 



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